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Good Times Guaranteed!


Fantastic Flexibility

Your camper can attend Good Times on whatever days you desire. Check out our Calendar and pick the days you want. It’s completely up to you!


Flexible Plans

  • Ages: 4½–12
  • Dates: June 9th - August 15th
All Summer Plan

The best deal of the summer! 10 weeks of fun — 49 days at 20% off the daily rate!

First Camper

Additional Camper(s)
10% discount

— or —
Weekly and Daily Plan

Select the full weeks you want at a great Monday through Friday rate. (Camper’s schedule due by May 15th.)

Per full week:
First Camper


Additional Camper(s)

10% discount

Add select days to your weekly plan or simply select specific days throughout the summer. (Camper’s schedule due by May 15th.)

Per selected day:
First Camper


Additional Camper(s)

10% discount

*Dates 7/9, 8/11, & 8/12 will be an additional $10 ($103.75) because of special field trips.

— or —
Ultimate Flexibility Plan

Simply decide in advance how many days your camper(s) will attend. Then send them to camp when you want until you have used up your allotment of days.

Per days allotted:
First Camper


Additional Camper(s)

10% discount

Registration & Deadlines
  • Registration fee is $100 per child.
  • $100 per child deposit is due upon registration.
  • Guaranteed placement if registered by April 15th.
  • Daily and Weekly campers must finalize their schedule by May 15th.
  • Ultimate Flexibility Plan campers must finalize number of days by May 15th.
  • Balance is due by June 1st.
Included with Tuition!
  • Camp Gear: includes two camp T-shirts, camp bag, camp towel, and camp money holder.
  • Extended Hours 7:00 am to 5:30 pm.
  • Lunch on Fridays and on miscellaneous field trip days.
  • All field trip fees.
  • All swimming passes and lessons.
Discounts & Bonuses
  • Additional campers — 10% off
  • Register by April 15th — get an extra camp t-shirt
Special Activities

Wisconsin Camping Overnight

Flexible Schedules, Rates & Deadlines