Gophers (Junior Counselors)

Gophers: Junior Counselors

Good Times offers a special program to certain campers born between 2007 and 2009. This program helps transition eager teen campers into responsible adults. Gophers are assistants and help out with the day to day duties. Veteran Gophers may someday become a Good Times’ counselor! Many of our counselors were at one time Good Times’ campers / Gophers themselves.

The following discounts apply to Gophers for the summer of 2022:
  • Campers born in 2009 receive a 15% discount off tuition.
  • Campers born in 2008 receive a 20% discount off tuition.
  • Campers born in 2007 receive a 25% discount off tuition.

I had so much fun at Good Times when I was younger that I wanted to share the fun!

Good Times
Good Times
Good Times